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Enemy Waters

Enemy Waters is a cat and mouse game between submarines and ships. Command and Maneuver your fleet as you face off against waves of enemy warships. Conquer Seaports and Oil wells by defeating the enemy warships guarding those resource rich areas. Expand your influence and procure better ships to stand up to the ever increasing machinations of Little John

Ambush and destroy unsuspecting enemy convoys by laying the perfect trap. Expect no less from the enemy as your escort your own ships to safety

Ping to identify underwater targets and drop depth charges on them, before they unleash a torpedo salvo on your ships


Engage silent running on your sub and sneak past enemy patrols or get to their port or starboard side and unleash torpedoes right into their hull




Avion Flight Simulator ™ 2015

Avion Flight Simulator ™ 2015 is a sophisticated flight simulator that includes 12 planes, 4 detailed cities, and over 9 airports. The player can fly anything from single-engine aircraft to jumbo jets, with idealistic to realistic flight simulation experience. The game features an immersive set of 60+ missions, dynamic real-world weather system, trees and interactive clouds.


Avion Flight Simulator ™ 2015 features pilot cockpit view for all the aircrafts. It contains 5 distinct commercial airports, 2 seaports and 2 small airports. It has no in-app purchases and the aircrafts can be unlocked sequentially as you progress the missions.

Airbus A380, Boeing 747-8 and a military / war expansion pack is being planned. The game is localized in several different languages.


Sea Harrier Flight Simulator

Experience the triumph of cold war British engineering, in this Sea Harrier Flight Simulator by TeaPOT Games. Being the only commercially successful VTOL (vertical take off landing) fixed wing aircraft to date, the first iteration of Sea Harrier (Hawker Siddeley Harrier) was introduced into the Royal Air force in 1969. Initially conceived as a second strike aircraft which can be launched from a tactical environment when the airfields are destroyed by a nuclear strike, its vertical take off capabilities helped it to transform into a multitude of roles (close air support, naval air defense and reconnaissance) and was inducted into the British Royal Navy, United States Marine Corps, the Indian Navy, and several others. 
The Sea Harrier played a crucial role in the Falklands War to great success with 20 kills to 1 combat loss. It also saw combat in the Gulf war, Operation Enduring Freedom(Afghanistan, 2001), Operation Odyssey Dawn (Libya, 2011), and several other humanitarian operations.
This Flight Simulator by TeaPOT Games, is extremely physics accurate, and offers the primary flight controls and functions of the Sea Harrier such as Engine power, VTOL lever, roll, pitch, yaw, landing gear, brakes, aircraft carrier take off, missile locking and firing systems. It doesn't emulate the secondary and tertiary flight controls, due to the input limitations of mobile devices. Some liberties were taken with respect to missile locking, launching, and evading aspects of the game for a more cinematic and entertaining approach but the flight controls hold true to simulation.
15 missions take the player through the flight controls of the Sea Harrier and advance to more complicated objectives. A free fly mode offers the player to land anywhere he/she wants.
Settings screen enables features that provide more Flight simulation options such as landing gear strength and braking power.
Hope you enjoy our Sea Harrier Flight Simulator. If you have any feedback or issues about our game, or the fidelity of simulation it offers, write to We would be particularly interested to hear(positive or negative) from you if you have real life flying experience or experience with other flight simulation systems.
This Flight Simulator is neither endorsed nor supported by the Royal Navy, United States Marine Corps, the Indian Navy, British Aerospace, Hawker Siddeley, or the McDonnell Douglas Corp.


V22 Osprey Flight Simulator

Experience a Marvel of modern engineering in this V22 Osprey Flight Simulator. A multi-mission, tilt rotor aircraft with both vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), and short takeoff and landing (STOL) abilities. In a program that costed the United States government 35 billion dollars, and spanned over 15 years, the V22 Osprey was inducted into the United States Marine Corps in 2007, followed by a United States Air Force in 2009. The V22 Osprey has seen combat in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan and Libya.

Part Aircraft, part Helicopter, it brings the best of two worlds into one machine- vertical landing and takeoff abilities of a Helicopter and the cruise speed of an Aircraft. Given its unique capabilities, it posed a challenge for flight training. Since induction, the Osprey had 3 crashes involving 6 fatalities.

This Flight Simulator by TeaPOT Games, is extremely physics accurate, and offers the primary flight controls and functions  of the osprey such as Engine power, Nacelle tilt, roll, pitch, yaw, landing gear, and brakes. It doesn't emulate the secondary and tertiary flight controls, given the input limitations of mobile devices. 

Set in the Callagher islands, 12 missions take the player through the flight controls of V22 Osprey and complicated objectives. A free fly mode offers the player to land anywhere he/she wants and play with the Osprey.  Unlike most Flight Simulator games, V22 Osprey Flight Simulator doesn't stop simulation upon coming into contact with a crash point, it continues into a post crash simulation, with parts coming off of the Osprey. This post crash simulation applies even for the landing gear and the engine propellers.

Settings screen enables features that provide more Flight simulation options from realistic nacelle tilt speed to landing gear strength and many more.


Racer: Fair Springs

Race through the Endless roads of the great city of Fair Springs in this Ultimate Urban racing game. Engage the hand brake and drift your car to manage a turn at high speed or brake at the right time and slip through the gaps between traffic. Earn bonus points by dodging head on traffic or narrowly overtaking other vehicles. Unlock powerful cars and become the ultimate racer in all of Fair Springs.

Racer: Fair Springs has extremely realistic drifting mechanics. Tilt the device to Steer. Touch on the bottom right portion of the screen for Hand Brake. Touch on the bottom left portion of the screen to Brake. To drift the car, turn gently and engage the hand brake for a fraction of seconds to make the rear wheels slip and start drifting. Steer accordingly to maintain your trajectory through the drift. Watch out for the traffic and pull out of drift if you sense trouble. Violent crashes with the traffic or the road barriers will disable your car.


The Domingos

*** Excellence award winner of the Square Enix GDCI ***
The Domingos is an award winning physics based puzzle game that uses the “Domino effect” as a core mechanic in a wild west setting.

The Dandits attacked Dodge City. Taken by surprise, the Domingos failed to defend themselves. The Dandits rounded up all the Dominitas in the town and fled back into the Bad Lands with them.Armed with cannon power, help the Domingos rescue their loved ones, and topple the Dandits to the ground.

The Domingos is loaded with unique physics based puzzle elements, just like Angry Birds, Bad Piggies, and Cut the Rope. If you love being challenged in the cranium, The Domingos is a game you must try. This is a game for the Cold Blooded Puzzlers.


Total Parking

"Total Parking Impresses." - Android Dissected
"It’s a must try game. Totally different from other parking games." - Hello Gaming
"Super fans of the genre will find a solid, no-frills or gimmick experience here." - Green Robot Gamer

Unlike most parking games, Total Parking uses real-world Ackermann steering geometry for turning, and is incredibly physics accurate- down to vehicle collision, mass, drag and inertia. The end result is a realistic parking experience.

With four Vehicles - Coupe, Limo, Heavy Truck, and Pickup Truck, spread over 48 levels of increasing complexity and frenzy, Total Parking will test your parking skills.

Other Features:
* Tilt and Touch controls for turning
* 3D HUD and smooth user interface
* An Immersive 3D environment
* Snappy Loading after the initial boot up of the game
* Integrated tutorial
* Achievements ( Can you be a Parking King? or get into the 7 Mile Club ? And many more )More chapters and vehicles coming soon ( School Bus, or an Auto rickshaw, or a Car Trailer)

Can’t stand the summer’s blazing heat?  Here’s a game that sympathizes with you – Survive The Sun: Shadow Race. Set on an oddly abstract planet with a fiery star as its sun, you survive against the star’s gamma rays by sticking to the shadows. Slip out of shade? Prepare for cooked circuits and ruptured fuel cells as your sturdy spaceship turns into a fiery coffin.


Survive the ionizing radiation for 16 Days as you pray for night fall every day, pulling the planetary curtain over the rain of unforgiving photons, accompanied by a fireworks barrage from a mysterious source.

In the end, your spaceship will get an ionic shield. Use it to zip through the endless blocky terrain until you crash or burn.


‘Survive The Sun: Shadow Race’ is visually inspired from ‘Race To Sun’ by FlippyFly. NOT A RIPOFF.


Few opinions: 

“I am never stepping out into the sun again. I would rather die of D vitamin deficiency” – pretend heliophobe 

“A spaceship that has to stay in the shadows? Now I’ve seen everything” – NASA scientist

“I’ve played this game, 20 feet up in the air during the 2015 Indian heat wave” – metro construction worker 

“We’d hoped people would stop reading the bloated description of the game and try it” – Devs


Music by 

Robson Cozendey -


Survive the Sun: Shadow Race
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